AI, the new applications frontier


Last generation AI significantly enhance adopting companies’ performance.

For instance, 72% of companies which use AI for their customer services, have observed tangible benefits and an accrued availability of services for users

The impact of AI usage is already getting significant, and major evolutions are awaited in many sectors (health, logistics, monitoring…).


At the edge of those transformations, Edifixio already proposes solutions to enhance support management, which include Chatbots, or predictive monitoring systems for infrastructure management amongst others.

We also have implemented intelligent solutions to foster sales & support teams’ performance.

Enhance your communication with last generation Chatbots

Last AI integrated Chatbots allow to implement solutions that have a real positive impact of the quality of communication with the users.
By unloading certain simple operations management from operational teams, they have a significant impact on the management of sales and support teams

Customer Service enhancement through developing self-service strategies
Sales & Support teams performance enhancement
Foster user autonomy for basic requests


Chatbots are a help to self-service which can be applied in multiple domains, like support or document' search, as a new human/machine interface with vocal commands, or as an automation tool to launch automated scripts upon user's request.
They redefine user relationship, by allowing organizations to focus on higher value-added tasks, and users to be more autonomous

Many platforms support chatbot technologies (Azure, AWS, Salesforce of IBM for example), easy to setup and which create a real improvement in customer relationship management.

Regardless of the technology upon which your front-ends are based, we can add a chatbot that will support your operational performance.

Nowadays, chatbots are no longer just a write/read interface. With vocal recognition, we can grant them the ability to speak. Deep learning allows them to provide more and more relevant answers, which in turn transforms into a higher satisfaction degree from users when interacting with those.


Higher and deeper knowledge of user's intentions and usages, allows to propose a new alternative with a chatbot for support, help or search self-service, but also for sales and business interactions.


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