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Reference solution for On-Demand Cloud Computing, AWS offers over 165 full services (Nov 2019) which allow companies to transition their IT to the Cloud.

Infrastructure management, transformation and optimization of solutions, performance, scalability, availability, versality and security are amongst the many advantages offered by AWS services.

Premier Consulting Partner since 2010, Edifixio has a significant experience in delivering Cloud based infrastructures and applications for its customers.


We are AWS Cloud Managed Services Partner having joined the MSP Partner program since day one. Read more


Owners of the Migration Competency (read more), we also are Solution Architect, SysOps Admin, DevOps Engineer and Development certified.


We are also an official AWS services vendor.


As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Edifixio is combining Microsoft applications and development skills with AWS platform expertise to provide you with consulting and delivery capabilities to accelerate your cloud adoption for Microsoft Workload, thanks to our Microsoft Workload pratice. Read more


We have also developed our own assets in Recovery and Data Management, or Systems Incidents Forecasting for example, to be able to propose operational solutions for a fast return on investment.

Energy Pool: Acceleration through transformation

Energy Pool is a global leader in energy management and demand response.


Relying on a top-grade IT infrastructure became a crucial part of their transformation to allow for faster adaptation and business development.

Main projects objectives were:


  • Shedding piloting system robustness enhancement
  • Exploitation costs reduction (new reduced infrastructure costs and replacement of older costly technologies)
  • Optimization and deployment acceleration of new functionalities allowing new markets exploration

As part of their strategy to bring more value to the customers in a timely manner, Energy Pool had to adapt their whole infrastructure and applications portfolio.

Using AWS services, first for infrastructure then for applications allowed for:

  • Electricity costs optimization brought by automated piloting of consumption peaks and shedding.
  • New functionalities based on AWS architecture allow customers to participle in the stability of the network, and to benefit from further cost reductions by doing so.

Many technologies were deployed during this project, which constitutes a case of Global Cloud Transformation, including infrastructure and architecture, as well as applications refactoring.  

Among the technologies used, and steps taken, we can note:

  • Use of EC2 resources for development platform
  • “Lift & Shift” migration of existing digital assets
  • Re architecture i/o to benefit from more cloud services and induced benefits
  • Extensive use of AWS services (Lambda, Kinesis, IoT services…) to replace old industrial automates and redefine fluxes
  • Implementation of several business databases (time series, relational...) using AWS combinations in replacement of a proprietary one

The project brought many benefits to the customer, which in turn allowed him to accelerate the development of new offers for the benefits of their customers.

Added services also meant a raise in Customer satisfaction as overall quality was raised.

Leveraging Edifixio's competence also allowed them to further focus on the development of their core business.

Some of the key benefits the project brought:


  • Cost reduction (licenses & material)
  • Automation of equipment install (bootstrapping)
  • Added services provided to the Customer
  • Flexibility and adaptability of the platform
  • Infrastructure and applications’ upgrade automated management

SmartOctave: Cloud Development

To further develop their activity, and after successfully having us run the comparator website, Pur Conseil asked us to ensure hosting and servicing for their new insurance loan comparator, insurance loan comparator.

Beyond objectives linked to applications' development and deployment, as well as setting up an outsourcing structure to benefit from service quality and efficiently manage operational costs, Pur Conseil also intended on self managing the deployment solution for future applications' upgrades.


We can note:

  • Application's containerization
    Complete environments' management
    Architecture adaptation (resources dimensioning...)
    Deployment solution handover (training...)
    Services management outsourcing


Fast project, with a training/handover phase to the customer, to autonomize him vis a vis future deployments.

For its own usage, and those of our clients, Edifixio hosts and operates containerized applications.

Standard solution used for deployments, scheduling, and resources allocation of such application is Kubernetes.

The solution, deployed using CloudFormation also requested the setup of other services such as S3 or Route 53

The easiness of deployment of a new solution in a couple of weeks allowed Pur Conseil to rapidly position themselves on a new business line at a reasonnable cost.

Leveraging Edifixio's outsourcing competency is also an accelerating factor, which enables Pur Conseil to focus on their Core business.

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