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Infrastructure management, transformation and optimization of solutions, performance, scalability, availability, versality and security are amongst the many advantages offered by AWS services.

Premier Consulting Partner since 2010, Edifixio has a significant experience in delivering Cloud based infrastructures and applications for its customers.


We are AWS Cloud Managed Services Partner having joined the MSP Partner program since day one. Read more


Owners of the Migration Competency (read more), we also are Solution Architect, SysOps Admin, DevOps Engineer and Development certified.


We are also an official AWS services vendor.


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We have also developed our own assets in Recovery and Data Management, or Systems Incidents Forecasting for example, to be able to propose operational solutions for a fast return on investment.

Edifixio helps Rémy Cointreau Group to manage its AWS accounts

30 janvier 2023

Rémy Cointreau Group has migrated a big part of its IT infrastructure to AWS over the last five years.

Since beginning of 2020, Edifixio teams are in charge of the outsourcing of infrastructure already migrated at AWS.

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logo Rémy Cointreau

The customer managed several separate AWS accounts.


The payer account also contained some workloads. No single-sign-on solution was deployed at that time. Creation of new AWS accounts was needed for new business needs, and separation of duties.

Edifixio proposed to deploy AWS Control Tower to manage all of the AWS accounts.


Best practice is to have the minimum set of services running in the payer account. Thus, a new account was created to be the payer account. All other accounts were attached to this new organization.


AWS IAM Identity Center was setup to manage access to the accounts. A SAML federation with Rémy-Cointreau Identity Provider was configured to have a centralized access.

The project started beginning of November 2021 and spanned over several weeks mainly due to business constraints and availabilities.


The Rémy Cointreau IT team can now create new AWS accounts more easily.


It also have a centralized billing for all of its workloads. Also, integration with their internal identity provider facilitates user access and management.


Usage of AWS Control Tower to provision accounts also ensures that some compliance to best practises is in place (activation of AWS Config, CloudTrail, …).

Edifixio helps Ebtrans Group to control AWS resource costs by using Instance Scheduler on AWS

16 december 2022

In recent years, the E-b-trans Group has migrated its IT infrastructure to the AWS Cloud, before entrusting the 24/7 outsourcing of this same Cloud infrastructure to Edifixio, an AWS partner included in the MSP program. (Managed Service Provider).

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Customer challenge is to keep AWS resource costs under control, and to avoid paying for resources that are not used by his teams.

The main objectives of the project were to reduce AWS costs, by systematically shutting down all DB resources that are not used out of the business hours (over nights and weekends).


Considering the constraints and Edifixio’s successful cloud migrations with other customers, Edifixio proposed utilizing Instance Scheduler on AWS.


To build this solution, we created an Instance Scheduler AWS Lambda function, an AWS DynamoDB instance and an AWS CloudFormation stack.

Using Instance Scheduler, we were able to:

  • control AWS resource cost by configuring start and stop schedules for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) instances.
  • reduce operational costs by stopping resources that are not in use and starting resources when needed.



  • Prerequisites: Need to setup correct IAM permissions for Lambda, DynamoDB, S3 and AWS CloudFormation before setting Up AWS Instance Scheduler on AWS.

Optimized AWS Infrastructure for a Better Online Experience

September 2022

Stellantis has launched a large-scale commercial offer extended to the entire market of independent repair on the entire global automotive fleet.
To achieve this, Stellantis developed a multi-brand Parts Catalogue for all brand vehicles, with a set of documents required for maintenance and repair.

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Atos partnered with Stellantis to modernize their AWS infrastructure. The main objective of the project was:

  • To optimize AWS infrastructure costs
  • To redesign AWS architecture with best practices
  • To automate RUN tasks to reduce the manual efforts
  • To automate system monitoring tasks by automatically detecting the issues and raising the alarm
  • Implemented an AWS cleanup and best practices to minimize the cost using AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Implemented automated CloudFormation stack clean-up • Teamcity pipeline job triggered every day to identify and cleanup unused CloudFormation stacks
  • Implemented automated process to Update ECS task when it reaches the maximum inode usage in order to prevent the task failures using cron job along with a notification
  • Leveraged AWS ECS deployment strategies to achieve 0 downtime while redeploying AWS ECS services
  • Implemented continuous integration to reduce time to market
  • Created AWS CloudWatch logging and alerts to improve infrastructure monitoring
  • Optimized use of Cloud infrastructure with cost reduction
  • Reduced the manual monitoring and cleanup efforts
  • Prevented ECS task failure that ensured the application
  • Reduced the manual monitoring activity
  • Zero downtime tests

Edifixio helps Léon Grosse IT team to migrate and modernize an existing application to AWS

20 december 2021

In the second half of 2020, Léon Grosse decided to move their IT infrastructure to AWS. Léon Grosse IT team requested Edifixio to migrate a sample application to the AWS cloud. The main goal being to discover AWS services and to leverage cloud performances.

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Léon Grosse logo
  • Define a well architected landing zone
  • Re-architect and migrate an existing 3-tier application to the cloud
  • Increase automation of CI/CD processes
  • Improve Léon Grosse team cloud skills


Existing Application Specifications

  • Angular frontend
  • Java Spring Backend
  • SQL Server database
  • Used during working hours


Customer Challenges

  • Reduce application run costs
  • Increase application security level
  • Minimize existing code refactoring
  • Allow secured API calls from existing datacenter

When designing the landing zone, customer requests have been considered:

  • Use account management best practices to increase security
  • Create CI/CD pipelines in Ireland region to use all available AWS services
  • Run the application in Paris region

The main features are:

  • The migration of the SQL Server database to PostgreSQL
  • An entirely Serverless solution involving:
    • Containerized Java application in AWS Fargate
    • Serverless AWS Aurora PostgreSQL database
  • An end-to-end authentication mechanism with AWS Cognito
  • A code refactoring involving:
    • Moving of the frontend authentication to connect to AWS Cognito
    • Adding authentication to internal calls

 Léon Grosse

This project improved application’s performances and security with very low refactoring of the existing code. Running costs were drastically reduced by taking advantages of the serverless services.


The project started in March 2021 and lasted 2 months. The realization of the modernization has been done in complete cooperation with the customer, allowing an effective knowledge transfer to the Léon Grosse IT team.


A Well Architected Review permitted a funding of 5 000€ in AWS credits for Léon Grosse.


Customer Feedback
Edifixio has a wide knowledge of the services available on AWS and we have succeeded together to transform the application into a full serverless application (Cloudfront, S3, Cognito, API Gateway, Fargate, Aurora serverless).


In the same project, we have set up together a complete CI / CD chain. Edifixio’s helped us to reach our goal to improve our skills and knowledge in AWS.

Edifixio helps Rémy Cointreau Group migrate Windows workloads to AWS using CloudEndure Migration service

4 october 2021

Rémy Cointreau Group migrated a big part of its IT infrastructure to AWS over the last five years. In mid-2019, Edifixio was chosen and put in charge of managing Rémy Cointreau Group cloud infrastructure at AWS. At the end of March 2020, Rémy Cointreau IT team requested Edifixio to migrate several remaining Windows servers to AWS cloud utilizing end-to-end migration process and strategy.

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logo Rémy Cointreau
Challenges expected during migration of Windows Servers to AWS cloud:
  • Perform a “lift & shift” migration of these servers.
  • Maintain availability and minimize downtime of the applications during the migration.
  • Minimize use of company IT resources due to availability reasons.
Considering the constraints and Edifixio’s successful cloud migrations with other customers, Edifixio proposed utilizing CloudEndure Migration service to perform this end-to-end migration.

Using CloudEndure we were able to simplify migration using the following steps: ·
  • Preparation phase:
    • Installing CloudEndure Service agents on source servers.
    • CloudEndure account creation.
    • Creation of new AWS credentials to be used by CloudEndure console.
    • Configuring parameters via CloudEndure console.
    • Creation of temporary DNS entries for testing purposes
  • Defining the full configuration of the target servers on AWS.
  • Configure replication and perform testing.
  • Continuous replication from source to target servers without impacting applications.
  • Cutover, EC2 instances were launched via CloudEndure console on the target region.
The project started beginning of April 2020 and lasted 2 months mainly due to business constraints and availabilities application owners.

Rémy Cointreau IT team recognized Edifixio’s lift and shift migration skillset and selection of CloudEndure Migration as the main tool.

Project was successfully completed utilizing only a few members of the Rémy Cointreau IT team.
The following should be considered when using CloudEndure Migration:
  • Replication requirement: The duration of replication depends on the source data volume, rate of change, and network throughput. The initial disk synchronization must be completed within a manageable period.
  • Cutover duration: Starting an instance on AWS takes few minutes while the additional reconfiguration of the OS (Windows domain level) might take more time. Some external reconfigurations such as DNS change and routing propagation, may add to the overall duration.
  • Inside a Windows domain: The source server and the target server can NOT run at the same time and stopping the source server will breaks the replication. Some resynchronization time may be necessary between 2 attempts and before the final cutover.
  • Testing step: During the testing phase, a second Active Directory should be utilized for the cloned instances created as both source servers and target instances cannot simultaneously run in the same windows domain.

Energy Pool: Acceleration through transformation

Energy Pool is a global leader in energy management and demand response.


Relying on a top-grade IT infrastructure became a crucial part of their transformation to allow for faster adaptation and business development.

Main projects objectives were:


  • Shedding piloting system robustness enhancement
  • Exploitation costs reduction (new reduced infrastructure costs and replacement of older costly technologies)
  • Optimization and deployment acceleration of new functionalities allowing new markets exploration

As part of their strategy to bring more value to the customers in a timely manner, Energy Pool had to adapt their whole infrastructure and applications portfolio.

Using AWS services, first for infrastructure then for applications allowed for:

  • Electricity costs optimization brought by automated piloting of consumption peaks and shedding.
  • New functionalities based on AWS architecture allow customers to participle in the stability of the network, and to benefit from further cost reductions by doing so.

Many technologies were deployed during this project, which constitutes a case of Global Cloud Transformation, including infrastructure and architecture, as well as applications refactoring.  

Among the technologies used, and steps taken, we can note:

  • Use of EC2 resources for development platform
  • “Lift & Shift” migration of existing digital assets
  • Re architecture i/o to benefit from more cloud services and induced benefits
  • Extensive use of AWS services (Lambda, Kinesis, IoT services…) to replace old industrial automates and redefine fluxes
  • Implementation of several business databases (time series, relational...) using AWS combinations in replacement of a proprietary one

The project brought many benefits to the customer, which in turn allowed him to accelerate the development of new offers for the benefits of their customers.

Added services also meant a raise in Customer satisfaction as overall quality was raised.

Leveraging Edifixio's competence also allowed them to further focus on the development of their core business.

Some of the key benefits the project brought:


  • Cost reduction (licenses & material)
  • Automation of equipment install (bootstrapping)
  • Added services provided to the Customer
  • Flexibility and adaptability of the platform
  • Infrastructure and applications’ upgrade automated management

SmartOctave: Cloud Development

To further develop their activity, and after successfully having us run the comparator website, Pur Conseil asked us to ensure hosting and servicing for their new insurance loan comparator, insurance loan comparator.

Beyond objectives linked to applications' development and deployment, as well as setting up an outsourcing structure to benefit from service quality and efficiently manage operational costs, Pur Conseil also intended on self managing the deployment solution for future applications' upgrades.


We can note:

  • Application's containerization
    Complete environments' management
    Architecture adaptation (resources dimensioning...)
    Deployment solution handover (training...)
    Services management outsourcing


Fast project, with a training/handover phase to the customer, to autonomize him vis a vis future deployments.

For its own usage, and those of our clients, Edifixio hosts and operates containerized applications.

Standard solution used for deployments, scheduling, and resources allocation of such application is Kubernetes.

The solution, deployed using CloudFormation also requested the setup of other services such as S3 or Route 53

The easiness of deployment of a new solution in a couple of weeks allowed Pur Conseil to rapidly position themselves on a new business line at a reasonnable cost.

Leveraging Edifixio's outsourcing competency is also an accelerating factor, which enables Pur Conseil to focus on their Core business.

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  • Azure
  • Salesforce
  • Software Development

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