Multimedia Storage Portal (PSM)

Multimedia Storage Portal (PSM)

March 2022 Portail de Stockage Multimédia (PSM)

Today, Edifixio announces the availability of the Multimedia Storage Portal PSM, the web portal that allows you to secure the storage of all company data, internal files or customer files, and to facilitate their operation, via a powerful and intuitive interface.

Use this portal to leverage the full benefits of AWS cloud services associated with a custom access solution to reduce operating costs and improve productivity.  
The mass of digital data managed and stored by a company grows exponentially due to the dematerialization of documents and the digitization of processes. New needs are emerging within the company, linked to new network capabilities: one-third of European employees will keep remote working full-time in 2021, 75% of companies expect remote working for at least 20% of their employees permanently in 2021 (Gartner and Forrester 2020)

It becomes necessary to have adapted, efficient and agile tools to process such volumes of data. The Multimedia Storage Portal supports this growth by offering near-unlimited storage capacity at an optimized cost. The access interface, compatible with any Internet-connected terminal, allows the implementation of automated validation flows and transfers between your company and your customers, thereby increasing their autonomy. The PSM portal gives any user, customer or company staff quick access to their data, thanks to a reliable, secure, and dematerialized infrastructure. Serverless architecture allows you to immediately deploy an instance of the portal for user registration.

The storage and discovery of content through the search engine is available via the intuitive interface. This allows the company to concentrate all its resources on using and valuing data for its customers. For example, media files for which the PSM portal is particularly suitable.

Edifixio is convinced of the need for companies to have at their disposal a natively dematerialized tool to improve and facilitate their processes of producing and operating large volumes of multimedia data.

“The PSM portal is a customer-praised tool for implementing large volumes of multimedia data storage, that are usually difficult to sort and organize, and which access can be a real restraint point for simple and straightforward use.” — Benoit Bras, AWS Practice Manager at Edifixio

Discover the Multimedia Storage Portal and all its features on the Edifixio website.

1. What is the PSM web portal?

The PSM portal, is a point of access to all your business data. It offers an ergonomic, intuitive interface, requiring no special technical knowledge. Portal services are customizable to meet the needs of each identified user profile.

A catalog showing the customization options available for the PSM portal is detailed on the Edifixio website

The PSM portal is also designed to integrate, on demand, various professional services from the AWS cloud platform, such as the Amazon CloudSearch Search Service, the Amazon Transcribe Speech Conversion Service, the Amazon Comprehend Natural Language Processing Service, and the Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech Service.

2. Why using PSM portal services?

The volume of data processed within a company is growing steadily: 57% of CIOs believe that the volume of data is already growing faster than their company's ability to manage so (source: Splunk 2020). At the same time, grows the need to access this data for multiple user profiles, with a high level of quality regardless of the geographical location of the user and the terminal used.

3. Who are the users of the PSM portal?

Any staff or customer of a company hosting their data on digital media is a potential user of the PSM portal, in particular:
  • Customers and partners of the company who wish to access the data available to them and who can do so at their convenience from any device connected to the Internet, in compliance with access rules
  • Company personnel, on-site or telecommuting can access their data without constraint and in conditions of speed allowing for colliding work.

4. How can the PSM portal meet the specific needs of my business?

The PSM portal is completely configurable to perfectly adapt to the process in place in the company: such as customizing permissions related to the user profile, customizing permissions to different types of hosted files, creating automated processes corresponding to the company's business.

For example, storing video or audio files may be accompanied by the provision of an online player adapted to the file type during the viewing process.

5. When is the PSM portal be available?

The PSM portal solution is already available for subscription to Edifixio teams. It provides all the basic features necessary for use by the company's employees and its customers.

This generic package includes providing storage infrastructure, securing access and transfer, user management, uploading stored files, a basic approval flow, and technical support in accordance with a service agreement.

Other options are available such as migrating existing enterprise-owned data: automated data uploading, tailor-made monitoring of portal activities, customizing user profiles, and generally any customized enterprise requirements

6. What is the scope of the PSM portal?

The PSM portal allows remote work, remote enterprise data access without VPN.

It allows data access to authorized clients after authentication.

It allows selective access to data according to the user's profile.

It allows employees to host and operate company data on a daily basis.

The PSM portal simplifies the implementation of GDPR.

It allows implementation of automated processes between the company and its customers to simplify their exchanges.

7. What is the point for my business to use the PSM portal?

The PSM portal allows the company to get rid of the daily management of a data center and all the related infrastructures.

It reduces the financial burden due to the management of this internal infrastructure.

Enjoy flexibility in storage volumes whose capacity can scale instantly as needed.

Making data access simpler for my customers

8. What type of data can be managed by the PSM portal?

All file types are supported by the PSM portal, from large media files within 5 terabytes, to mass stored text files

9. What volume of data can the PSM portal support?

The number of files stored on the PSM portal is unlimited.

The storage volume is scalable and can be changed at will in the moment.

The maximum size of individual files stored is 5 Terabytes. Multipart download is required beyond 5 Gigabytes)

10. Why migrate my data to the PSM portal when it is currently perfectly managed in the company's data center?

To overcome the constraints (technical and financial) of operating an enterprise-specific data center, and benefit from higher levels of performance and security provided by the Amazon S3 platform on which the PSM portal relies.

11. Do I have a guarantee that my data is safe?

The PSM portal is exclusively based on AWS and has a 99.99% reliability rate, with a 99.9% SLA for delivering your data; and through the Amazon S3 storage service, a 99.999999999% guarantee on the durability of your data over a year.

Your data may, upon request, benefit from a non-repudiation service that protects your files from accidental erasure or loss.

Your data can also be encrypted on demand to ensure a higher level of privacy protection.

For cyber security, multiple dedicated AWS services such as AWS Security Hub or Amazon Guard Duty protect your data from attacks.

12. What is the cost of using the PSM portal?

The cost of using the PSM portal includes deploying the generic version of the portal package to the company's AWS account: starting at $5,000, plus the cost of deploying any options selected from the portal options catalog and the annual technical support cost including the operating.

13. Can I reach my data in any circumstances?

Your data are reachable at any time through any b web browser. You can thus consult your data through your office computer, your personal computer, a tablet, a mobile phone or any kind of device connected to internet.

14. Is the migration of my data to the PSM portal simple and guaranteed without loss?

The migration of data from a data center to the AWS S3 cloud is carried out by Edifixio through rigorous processes with the implementation of control protocols that ensure you data integrity in the new storage environment.

15. How to assess the use of the PSM portal by users?

Monitoring PSM portal activity is fully customizable and based on AWS CloudWatch. It provides the relevant data and information that you need to understand system performance. It is thus possible to assess the operational health of the portal by analyzing these numerous logs, but also to define alarms detecting abnormal behavior to be corrected immediately.

16. How long to deploy PSM portal?

The deployment of the generic version of the PSM portal takes one day.

The deployment of the generic package, with options chosen from the options catalog, is 1 to 3 days.

A deployment requiring some specific professional services may require some extra time to be fully achieved.