Collaboration & Communication


To address increasingly complex problems, requiring more and more expert knowledge is a challenge for organizations.

Knowledge recording, sharing and dissemination answers a strategic need: to fluidify and facilitate communication between parties, to enhance customer relationship quality, to use project management tools which allow for sharing but also control and monitoring

To be able to control communication protocols with stakeholders by means of dedicated tools, allows for a higher quality of relationship between parties, for higher productivity linked to information sharing and collaboration and to effectively leverage collective intelligence when designing transverse solutions.

For its projects, Edifixio has developed a strategic competence around that business axis, and we are working with some top-grade solutions, which allows us in turn to have adapted tools, matching each type of organization, and our customer’s operational day to day constraints.


"One2Team" Partners, we regularly implement their solution and others with customers, in order to foster collaborative mindset, the emergence of collective intelligence, and allow for a close follow-up of initiatives.