For 20 years, Edifixio has been increasing competitivity and digital performance of its customers, through the design and setup of solutions adapted to their actual and future stakes.

We propose solutions for the whole IT ecosystem from Infrastructure to applications.

Our privileged relation with major Cloud Editors allows us to adapt each solution we design to answer specifically the strategic needs of our customers.

Our extended knowledge of sectors like Automotive, Retail, Luxury, Logistics, Industry or Insurance guarantees them a fast return on investment. We have a majority of Blue Chips companies for customers, which consider us as strategic partners today. They regularly leverage our expertise to execute on major programs, or to support them in their strategic thinking.

Our constant investment in new technologies (AI, IoT, Cloud Computing…) positions us as experts capable of anticipating market trends to propose scalable, lasting and adaptable solutions to our clients.

We are builders at our core, our mission is to build the IT which will allow you to focus on your core business.

Edifixio Today :


 Consultants across 6 sites in Europe, US and Asia 


Salesforce certified consultats


Expert engineers and AWS certified


IBM consultants

Quantum Leap, Edifixio joins Atos group

Edifixio is an IT consulting and integration company.

Designers Architects, Developers and operators, we have two missions which became complementary:


  • Build the business solutions our clients need to catch the opportunities brought by the digitalization of business, or answer the many challenges they face, specifically for Customer Relationship. Those solutions integrate more and more intelligence, exploit many types of data, and bring forward numerous interactions.
  • Transform our customer’s IT through Cloud Transformation, to gain agility, scalability, service quality and security. A transformation that goes well beyond migrations and onboards new modern architectures.


Cloud platforms leaders (AWS, Salesforce, Azure or IBM Cloud, and the technologies they are based upon are at the core of our competence’s development, and of the investments we make. We base several of our accelerators on those edge technologies.

Our value proposition lies in our commitment to results, to provide more for less, to execute fast and to guarantee lasting solutions at the service of our customer’ strategy.

It is the promise we keep with major international groups or significant IT companies.


8 Agencies
4 Countries
16 Nationalities
350 Edifixiens

Our History


Creation of Edifixio
Lafarge Industrial Partner


ILOG Partnership
(configuration and optimisation)


Autonomy Partnership
Search Engine
Opening of Edifixio Grenoble


IBM Partnership
(MDM et Collaborative solutions)


Opening of Edifixio Boston


Opening of Edifixio Calcutta


Danone "Connexion" Project
First network of connected companies in France


Lafarge Project
First mass migration to AWS in France


Opening of our dedicated Support Center in Calcutta


AWS Partnership
(AWS Premier Partner)
Launch of our Managed Services Practice
Launch of our Salesforce Practice


Launch of our Drupal Practice


Salesforce Partnership
(Silver Partner)
AWS Partnership (Migration Partner)


Opening of Edifixio Tunis


Edifixio AWS MSP renewal


Edifixio joins Atos Group