Extended CRM

Enter the Relation era

Accrued CRM platform capabilities allow to put customer experience at the heart of your digita setup.

They are designed to support many integrations with other solutions, in order to export the "Customer Centric" vision to the rest of the organization, thus creating the XRM or Extended Relationship Management syste.

We have developed a specific competence in the creation of complex third parties’ relationship management systems.

Our Salesforce partnership allows us to propose performing solutions for sales & fidelity management, marketing & communication, order management and invoicing or support.

IMA, the User Centric Experience

In a desire to enhance their whole third parties’ relationships, IMA has launched a program encompassing over 25 individual projects, as support to the launch of new business lines, and with the ambition to define a new Digital Value Chain, favoring customer capture and retention.

Redesign Customer & Users experiences, throughout the whole value chain.

Set IMA into a new interaction mode with its ecosystem, through the implementation of a XRM.

Allowing for a seamless interconnexion of customers, partners, and other participants of the value chain, the Program aims at driving IMA into new modes of interaction with their ecosystem, through the setup of an XRM.

The XRM allows to reach and conquer new customers thanks to the attractivity, relevance and speed of answer in case of incident, included for complex answers involving many parties.

Acquisition and customer retention are eased by new relation and business follow-up tools, which facilitate incidents’ management for users and for companies in charge of execution.

An demanding program for the creation of a unique User Experience

Ambitious program spanning over 3 years, including the setup of multiple dedicated front-ends and the integration of various business bricks to support the ambition to deal with 20.000 demands/year in 2018, favoring value creation.


The program onboards many technical and functional components, which create a seamless customer experience.
We will note beyond the CRM brick, dedicated Communities for distributors and contractors, the integration of SAP tools, and advanced reporting and predictive analysis systems.

The overall architecture has been integrated by Edifixio and creates a brand new experience for the customer.

Verisure : Mobile CRM

As a European leader of remotely monitoried alarms, Verisure has been defining industry standard over the past 30 years.


The company innovates and shares the results of its collaboration with everyone who desires to secure homes and offices.The company is present in 15 countries in Europe and Latam, and has roughly 3 millions customers.

A mobile CRM for Tablet


Verisure agents, technicians and salespeople in the field need to have their indicators, agendas, and most recent and complete information on their clients at hand when they are on the field.


We were asked to deliver a mobile solution for Field Services, based on salesforce,  which is now deployed for all 2000 Verisure agents located in France.

The project articulates around:



  • Force.com to centralize customer information (CRM)
  • A Mobile salesforce dedicated app
  • INtegration to legacy systems (Sales, HRM), thanks to a dedicated middleware hosted on AWS
  • Support for propsection (geo-localisation solution)
  • Ligthning Components and zero-code automation
  • SSO

On their end, marketing teams, regional managers and executive management of the company need to be able to drive their team's actions in the most reactive way.
The solution we implemented introduces advanced indicators, updated hourly for accurate follow-up.

For agents the performance indicators including their ranking are available from the tablet, which fosters team engagement and drive.
For the Executive Direction, there are multi-dimensional consolidated dashboards (by agency, by geographic area, according to hierarchy...)

The project leverages: 


  • Customized dashboards with company fiscal agenda
  • Advance KPI calculation by batch
  • Complex and evolutive hierarchy
  • Monitoring dashboards evolution for multiplatform mobile


Edifixio has helped Verisure since 2016 on their Mobile Digital Transformation Strategy, and has created through the Mobile Salesforce platform a tailored to measure SFA application, integrated with different company systems (marketing, HR...).


Edifixio is looking for new talents! Consult our opened positions and join us...

To conceive and develop end to end applications (back-end, front-end, webservices) on Heroku and Salesforce platforms

  • Bezons
  • Salesforce
  • Software Development

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