Native Cloud

Free your IT, move to Full-Cloud

What if your application services were automatically upgraded? Your servers automatically scaled and secured for crash, the size of your databases managed as close as possible to your actual needs, your environments monitored and followed in real-time, your applications made to measure for your needs?

Micro-services offered today by editors allow to fully benefit from benefits of native Cloud development. Auto-scaling and other functionalities allow for more granularity of usages, one of the main Cloud advantages.

Application micro-services setup by Cloud Service Providers allow to design an IT which closely adapts to real needs, while offering accrued performance levels. Benefits deriving from the Cloud adoption are many: Better scalability, availability, versatility, security, adaptability, flexibility and resilience, usage cost, reduced maintenance and application support, among others.


At the edge of last business evolutions, Edifixio can walk customers on their path to new IT horizons, and allow them to benefit from the many advantages of a full Cloud Based IT.

We have developed our own Transformation Framework; which allows us to defined an strategy adapted to each of our customers, and aim at maximizing value creation through the delivery of solutions that do answer their needs.