Focus on your core business, move to managed services

Digital transformation heavily impacted organizations and constrained them to change their organizational model following two major axes: Customer Relationship and the 360° vision, and focus on the Core Business, with the externalization of processes that are not directly related to one or the other.

The vision of organizations leveraging external competencies is particularly relevant for IT services. Giving away the management of its infrastructure and applicative run to providers whose core business it providing such services is a performance source for organizations which can then focus their efforts on developing their business.


Managed Services provider since its inception, Edifixio can support you for the setup of a decentralized management of your IT infrastructure, your applications' run or you support functions.

Our international presence allows us to guarantee a 24h/24 presence, and we have developed many specific assets to deliver a top-quality service.


Enhance your Monitoring & Alerting with the help of AI

Edifixio has developed a solution for infrastructure and applications condition forecasting, for its own usage and that of customers for which we manage the Run.

We have developed that tool to anticipate tensions on physical and applicative infrastructure, in order to anticipate the need to re-scale or re-balance.

By extrapolating systems’ trajectories based on initial conditions, this approach favors an “a priori” reduction of incidents.
This is turn allows to move from a reactive to a proactive stance, to further enhance IT services availability for internal or external users.


Based on deep learning and analysis algorithms, our solution prevents incidents related to load or server saturation, before auto-scaling or load balancing.

Allowing to setup probes including on on-premise applications, our solution reduces risks linked to infrastructure or systems capacity.

Provisional capacities of the system allow not only to get a clear vision of the overall integrity of one’s infrastructure over time, but also to detect aberrant behaviors, often induced by bugs in the design of the solutions.


Our solution increases the overall stability of the infrastructure, since it allows to anticipate instabilities, and it also offers a global mean to detect causes of interference in the system’s quality. 

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