Salesforce Developer M/F

To conceive and develop end to end applications (back-end, front-end, webservices) on Heroku and Salesforce platforms

What you will do

Your role will be to create applications on different Salesforce Clouds:

Sales Cloud : leads & opportunities management

Service Cloud : support and after sales services management

Marketing Cloud : marketing automation and user journey

Einstein : data analysis and AI


You will leverage those platforms functionalities to deliuver expected functionalities. When it is impossible to create them using configuration only, you will develop them using technologies: Apex (Java variation) and Lightning (Web Component Framework).

You should also be able to leverage storage capabilities of Heroku, using Node.JS whenever needed.

You will also have to setup webservices to integrate Salesforce to other applications. You could also execute mobile development  to create applications exposing data and functionalities of our Salesforce solutions.

Your strenghs

  • You do not reinvent the wheel everytime
  • You are interested by low code solutions for which many functionalities can be configured
  • When you are blocked, you use Google
  • You are reliable, as the quality of your deliverables demonstrates

Required competencies

  • French / English flluent
  • Object Design
  • Javascript (AngularJS, NodeJS…)
  • HTML 5 / CSS
  • SQL
  • Shell

Technical Environment

  • : Apex / Lightning / SOQL
  • Heroku
  • Javascript /  Node.JS
  • React Native
  • PostgreSQL
  • Webservices
  • Git

What you can do after

If you like conception and Covering 100% of Unit Tests ⇒ Technical Leader

If you know Salesforce intimatemy and are the one we call when we have an issue ⇒ Salesforce Expert

If you like to understand and modelize business processes ⇒ Salesforce Functional Consultant


Software Development